Financial Statement Analysis Project Part 5: Industry Analysis

•   Summarize the economic outlook for Neuralstem Inc and Amarin Corp PLC UK 

•   Look at recent market activity, recent indicators impacting Neuralstem Inc and Amarin Corp PLC UK

•   Address recent change in stock prices. 

•   See the Analysis Tab of the FSAP for each company's:

§ ratio, 

§ vertical, and 

§ common size analysis  

·       then find the industry averages for each

•   Consider other expert buy/sell/hold opinions. 

Paper should be 1-2 pages, 12pt. font, single spaced

Resources: Standard and Poor’s Stock Reports or other Industry Surveys, Mergent’s Industry Review,, moneycentral,,, other financial websites, annual reports, and trade journals. Examine recommendations of other investment websites (buy/sell/hold). Incorporate peer reviewed academic research articles into your analysis.


Include these components also

recent market activity for the industry 

recent indicators affecting your industry 

recent change in industry stock prices 

ratio analysis (ROA, ROE, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, etc) for the industry 

vertical analysis for the industry 

common size analysis for the industry

other expert buy/sell opinions for the industry 


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