Next, several times over the period of a day or so, deliberately tune in to a customer service representative, a server or wait staff person, a co-worker or family member or friend and give a brief acknowledgment of feeling (“you seem terribly busy and pushed”). follow this with a brief self-statement (“i’ve been pushed today myself, as well. should i come back?”) note what happens. pay particular attention to those concepts/micro-skills about which you are reading in your course text, i.e., open and closed questions, multiple questions, “whys” and “have you trieds”, paraphrasing, and encouraging, external control questions and statements, reflecting feelings, how people listen or fail to listen to each other, and non-verbal body language, too. for your discussion post, briefly describe what you observed in your real-life experiences. give your impressions and any conclusions that demonstrate application of textbook and course content concepts to real-life situations. then read the postings submitted by your classmates and reply to at least two other students.

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