·         Assess and identify employer branding techniques

·         Assess online recruiting best practices

·         Examine strategies for recruiting a more diverse workforce

·         Identify various methods used for external recruitment


This assignment will use the readings and discussions as a base for externally researching and evaluating company web sites which use a variety of recruitment methods and techniques.


Dessler, G., Chhinzer, N., and Cole, N. D. (2014). Human resources management in Canada, (12th ed.). Toronto: Pearson Canada.

·         Review chapter 6 of the course textbook


1.    Visit YouTube to view the following video on employer branding: Talent2 Trends - Employer Branding   

2.    Select and visit three company web sites of your choice (not including the textbook example of McDonald’s on page 145) and review their approach to employer branding. Conduct research in order to get information to address the following questions:

a.     Of the three, identify one that is exemplary (i.e. makes you want to apply) and one that requires improvement (i.e., makes you question whether you would want to work there).  What were your reasons for making these choices?

b.    How does your research of these web sites relate to the YouTube video?

c.     How have these companies incorporated social media to support their branding?

3.    Select and visit two new company web sites of your choice (different from the ones chosen above) and review their approach to online recruiting.  Conduct research in order to get information to address the following questions:

a.     What best practises are being used? (refer to page 160 in the textbook)

b.    What is being done (if anything) to recruit a more diverse workforce?

4.    Select and visit two additional web sites that would be classified as internet job boards, executive search firms, or online networking sites.  Conduct research in order to get information to address the following questions:

a.     What type of external recruitment method is being used on these web sites?  What is the reason for your classification? 

b.    What is the usefulness of this type of web site to potential candidates?

5.    You are to gather the information and write a formal business report containing a site-by-site summary of the trip.  The itinerary will identify the sites visited and topics covered. 

a.     Your report must be concise (Maximum of 4 pages double spaced, 12 point font excluding cover page and references pages)

b.    It must well-written, but in lay terms so your friend can fully understand your reasoning. (Your friend is a former English professor, so will be influenced by a proper essay, in APA format).  A proper introduction that clearly outlines the purpose and flow of the essay, as well as a strong conclusion are important elements.

c.     You must also provide a properly cited reference page at the end (including all web sites visited). 

6.    Submit your formal business report as a Word (or other compatible text editor) document through the submission link below no later than 11:00 PM Atlantic Time on Sunday of Unit 2.



The following rubric indicates those areas you should be focusing on in preparing your assignment, and how the instructor will weigh these components relative to one another.

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