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Submitted by 123lynda on Tue, 2013-07-23 21:07
due on Wed, 2013-07-24 23:59
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Assignment #1: JET Copies Case Problem

Read the "JET Copies" Case Problem on pages 678-679 of the text. Using simulation estimate the loss of revenue due to copier breakdown for one year, as follows:

  1. In Excel, use a suitable method for generating the number of days needed to repair the copier, when it is out of service, according to the discrete distribution shown.
  2. In Excel, use a suitable method for simulating the interval between successive breakdowns, according to the continuous distribution shown.
  3. In Excel, use a suitable method for simulating the lost revenue for each day the copier is out of service.
  4. Put all of this together to simulate the lost revenue due to copier breakdowns over 1 year to answer the question asked in the case study.
  5. In a word processing program, write a brief description/explanation of how you implemented each component of the model. Write 1-2 paragraphs for each component of the model (days-to-repair; interval between breakdowns; lost revenue; putting it together).
  6. Answer the question posed in the case study. How confident are you that this answer is a good one? What are the limits of the study? Write at least one paragraph.

There are two deliverables for this Case Problem, the Excel spreadsheet and the written description/explanation.

Submitted by geniusy_2006 on Wed, 2013-07-24 11:23
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MAT 540 Assignment for you is attached (as discussed)

body preview (8 words)


MAT 540 xxxxxxxxxx xxx you xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx discussed)

file1.xlsx preview (117 words)


xxxxxxxxxx Probability
xxx The xxxxxxx number of days needed xx repair the copier xxxx it xxxxxxxxxx #2- xxx average number xx weeks xxxxxxx breaksdowns
Probabilityxxxxxxxxxx ProbabilityRepair Time-days Repair xxxxxxxxx Random #'sRepair xxxxxxxxxAverage Repair Time between xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx random xxx for xxxxxx time-weeks Time xxxxxxx break downs (weeks)
xxxx 0.00 1 x0.2962998581 2 1 0.1709709xxxxxxxxxxxx
0.450.20x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx2.1637938674
xxxx0.653 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.1300556639 xxxxxxxxxxxx
0.100.904 x0.8372348524 xx0.8664664239 3.9396927184
xxxx 5 xxxxxxxxxxxx3x 0.4311438532xxxxxxxxxxxx
Average xxxxxx Time-Days xxxx6 0.5929244831 2 x 0.2809754489xxxxxxxxxxxx
70.3446000373 2x xxxxxxxxxxxx3.6677116937
8xxxxxxxxxxxx28 0.37366969635.4916948527
9 0.7077144283 x xxxxxxxxxxxx 5.4392431982
xx xxxxxxxxxxx 210 0.821815738 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx2 11 0.2868398209xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx 0.7611456921 xxx 0.931090585 4.1345226661
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx x140.4748410466 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 16xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx 0.7860409066 3 xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
180.7259934821 3 xx 0.28876668184.6200885485
20xxxxxxxxxxxx2 xx 0.2439619287 2.2989551943
21 0.7369067393 3xx 0.1468109718 2.4660683315
22xxxxxxxxxxxx 4xx 0.1689303615 3.6289676134
23xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx 0.3658168316 xxxxxxxxxxx
xx 0.0244981318x xx0.2750286978 1.1616583857
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xx 0.0374847279 xxxxxxxxxxx
26 0.7969610313x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5.2504035932
xx 0.27344815582 27 0.7657427192 xxxxxxxxxxxx
28 xxxxxxxxxxxx2xxxxxxxxxxxxx 3.1087401715
29 0.6400383128 2xx xxxxxxxxxxxx4.1743502432
30 0.5686704707 2300.484033332 1.1040137154
xx 0.19852381231 310.0338568412xxxxxxxxxxxx
32 xxxxxxxxxxxx2xx0.7582912 4.387380678
33 xxxxxxxxxxxx 1xx0.53469747823.5802867098
xx0.0691057309 1xx 0.3560681368xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx0.5324018458x 350.99291704323.9707391982
xx0.2672986684236 0.4379658272 0.9078292568
37 xxxxxxxxxxxxx370.0228931655 2.2568452459
xx0.6821441223 x xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 4.4883498651
xx 0.1313825212 xxx 0.5595912364 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 240 xxxxxxxxxxxx 4.9594433222
xx0.0729454578 1xx0.6832243907 3.2469217949
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 242xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
43 0.74369591983 xx 0.0950554638 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx 0.10690771761 xx 0.4563927353.9504815412
46 0.8643136646 xxx0.3660013121xxxxxxxxxxxx
47 xxxxxxxxxxxx x xx0.3056553713xxxxxxxxxxx
480.8260267325 xxx0.4221970228 5.6224903571
49xxxxxxxxxxxx x xx0.87812216164.644725719
500.6969981062 3500.5992632501 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx0.9030619448 1.2786150499
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx520.0454126791 2.9358847957
53 xxxxxxxxxxxx3xx 0.2394283204 4.9730866271
xx 0.9223938629x xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 155 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxx x560.8862350525 4.3100257368
58 0.949384204 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
59 xxxxxxxxxxxx x xx0.6881096372.490454864
60 0.98555497574 xx0.1722879286xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2xx 0.033384386xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 62xxxxxxxxxxxx 4.3439005197
63 0.29589369262 xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
64 0.17757393761xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 1.6709169494
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xx0.07755454034.2843812624
66 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx2.9286722796
xx 0.3355866124x xx xxxxxxxxxx 5.5520648345
680.8711498953x 68xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx0.45520592562 xx 0.0904960859 3.362616387
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x710.3140885824 xxxxxxxxxxxx
72 0.2477353469x 720.1242158299 2.8879880794
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3.0760539453
xx 0.8904968052 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx0.11715575071xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
760.268024892 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5.3318598925
77 0.2574694265 x xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx0.99140855534 78xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 2 xx0.9484230983 xxxxxxxxxxxx
80xxxxxxxxxxxx x80 xxxxxxxxxxxx5.8193001754
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx3xx 0.940673737 5.9559048636
xx 0.5767897528282 0.9853556318 5.0096541419
830.58899058822 83 xxxxxxxxxxxx 5.3334227443
840.3179802747 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx0.1381889428 1850.61821133062.7832374992
xx0.8416815175 x86xxxxxxxxxxxx4.0540829243
87 xxxxxxxxxxxx 4 870.456544121 1.9949158462
xx 0.5412789377 x880.11054692315.271136143
90xxxxxxxxxxxx 2 90 0.713235625 4.6680237638
91xxxxxxxxxxxx 1 910.6052901628 xxxxxxxxxxx
xx 0.9368311756x92xxxxxxxxxxxx5.7663363451
93 xxxxxxxxxxxx x 930.9236287457 5.8547697642
xx 0.2145317649294 0.9521758053 2.7633671878
95 xxxxxxxxxxxx 2 xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
96 0.5107731635 x xx xxxxxxxxxxxx5.3798867328
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx2.5437327335
xx 0.5655746718 2 xx 0.1797382283 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxx 1xx0.725276097 xxxxxxxxxxxx
100 0.5470868089x xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x
xx xxxx Revenue xxx to xxxxxx Being xxx of xxxxxxx
Number xx xxxxxx Sold Price Per Copy Revenue Per xxx
Lowested Estimated Sells 2000 xxxxxxxxxxxx
Highest xxxxxxxxx Sells8000xxxxxxxxxxxx
Average xxxx $0.10 $500.00
#4 Lost Revenue xxx to xxxxxx Breakdown Over 1 xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxx Year 52
Weeks xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx
Breakdowns Per Year 13.549
xxxx Lost Per xxxxxxxxx xxxx
Revenue xxxx Per Day$500.00
xxxxxxx Lost Per xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Revenue xxxx Per xxxx$14,768.76



file2.doc preview (455 words)

xxxxxxxxxx xxx JET xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx

xx xxx xxxxxx this work xx your own. Reword xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx


xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx needed to xxxxxx the copier: xxxxxxxxxx Probability xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

x xxx the cumulative probability for the four repair xxxx days. Then x named the xxxxxxxxxx probability and repair xxxx xxxx’ lookup. x xxxxxxx to expand my repair xxxx xxxx xx 100 to get x xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx x xxxx the formula =rand() to xxx my xxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxx my random xxxxxxxx xx convert xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxx time days, x used xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and average xxx 100 xxxxxx xxxx – days.

xxxxxxx 2.18.

xxx average number xx weeks between xxxxxxxxxxx

x used 100 xxxxxx time xxxxx then x xxxxx () xx get xx xxxxxx numbers. The random xxxxxxx were xxxxxxx xx get xx xxxx between breakdowns x xxxx the formula xxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxx probability function xxx xxxxxxxx .

xxxxxxx xxxx

xxxx xxxxxxx Due to Copier Being Out xx xxxxxxxx

xxx maximum estimated

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Culbert on Fri, 2014-06-13 07:18
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body preview (0 words)

file1.xlsx preview (58 words)

xxxxxx xxxx simulation

cum. Prob. repair xxxxprobability xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
01 xxxx 0.24366721125313728
xxx2 xxxx
0.65 30.25
0.9 4 xxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
33 0.59976839684338934

sales loss per day

xxxx copy xxxx loss

simulation xxx x xxxx

breakdown xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx breakdown xx xxx no.xxxxx xxxxxx of breakdowns Repair xxxx modified xxxxxx xxxxsales xxxxxxx xx cum. xxxxx repair time
xxx x xxx xday 3day x
2626 122 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 00 0x
4066 x4731.7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx0.22
xx107x 2 xxxxx xxxxx0xxxxx x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x 0 0.9 x
xx xxx2xxxxxx 335.1x 0
29xxxx1 xxx x0x
xx xxx3 3 243.70000000000002xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 739.2 x
30 238 x x xxx 533.9xxxxxx
37 275 x2xxxxx 763.1 x x
38xxx 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0
20xxxxx 418.3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx249.70000000000002 510.8
30 xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 376.8 0 x
25 388
Estimated xxxxx xxxx

file2.docx preview (567 words)

xxxxxxxx xxx the attached excel xxxxx

xx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx days to xxxxxx xx the xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx is x discrete probability xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx we generated xxxxxx numbers xxxx it xx the xxxxxxxxx way. We first xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx type xxxxxxxxxx probabilities xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx one xxxxxxx (0,1) random variable xxxxx rand().If the xxxxxxxxx uniform xxx is in xxxxxx xx return xx xx xx is in [.2,.65) xxxx xx return 2 and so on. Thus xx generated the number xx days to xxxxxxx


cum. xxxxx

repair xxxx














For xxxxxxxxxx xxx interval xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx p.d.f. xx x xxx x xx xxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is for x in [0,6].

xx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xx generating xxx uniform xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx in xxx xxxxxxx of the distribution xxxxxxxxx

The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx x

Finally we round xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxx of weeks to xxxxxxx no. xx days. xxx this x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx no. of

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by moneybackguar... on Tue, 2013-07-23 23:10
teacher rated 5 times
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Jet Copies solution

body preview (0 words) preview (634 words)

JET Copies xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

repair xxxx simulation

cum. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx simulated xxxxuniform
0xxxx 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
0.2 20.45
xxxx x0.25

breakdown xxxxxxxx simulation

xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx

sales xxxx xxx xxx

rate copy sold xxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxx 1 year

xxxxxxxxx interval(simulated)breakdown xx day xxxTotal number of xxxxxxxxxxRepair time modified repair time xxxxx xxxxxxx $)cum. xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx
xxx x day xxxx 3 xxx x
26 xx12 x2 508.70000000000005323.200000000000050x 0 x
xx66 xx 731.7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 601.6xxx2
41 xxx2x648.6562.90 x 0.653
24 xxx 2 x 572.70000000000005 xxx 00 0.9x
10xxx2x xxxxx xxxxx00
xx170x1 xxx x00
xx 208x3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx686.30000000000007 739.2 x
30 238 3 3xxx xxxxxxxxxx0
xxxxxx 2 xxxxxxxxxx 0x
xx31322xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x
xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
30 363x2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 376.80x
25 xxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx loss

xxx xxxxxx solution.doc

1,2,3,4. xxx xxx attached xxxxx file.

5. Generating the number of days xx repair xx xxx xxxxx problem. xx is x discrete xxxxxxxxxxx distribution. And we generated random xxxxxxx xxxx xx in xxx following way. We xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx less-than xxxx xxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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