Assign 1


The week 1 assignment will be based on content taken from the text book. These may be questions or a topic taken from this weeks reading.   All arguments must be supported by textbook, research or experience based examples. 

INSTRUCTIONS:   All responses must be prepared in Microsoft Word format and uploaded to the appropriate online assignment. 
 Please include your name, course number, week number and assignment name at the top of your submissions (for example MargaretFoltz-ISSC490-Week1 Assignment).  

Read chapters 1, 2 & 3.  A good start to creating a disaster recovery plan is to create a list of all necessary documents and information - this is something that you typically create after a risk assessment.   Answer each question below with at least 300 words. 

Using the company that you work for, thoroughly document a list of all information and/or documentation that you would need as the basis of a disaster recovery plan.   If you cannot use the company that you work for or, you are not currently working, feel free to model an existing company or create one for this assignment. 

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