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Question 1
To locate specific information in your current course including course description, assignments and their weighted percentage, and textbook information, review the:
    introduction of the course.
    course syllabus.
    course schedule.
    the professor link.

Question 2
Your course professors will provide valuable feedback on assessments and assignments. This feedback will point out the strengths of your responses and offer recommendations on how to improve on your next assignment. Accessing this feedback is imperative. In order to access your professor's feedback you should:
    look for emails from your professor because the feedback will be provided in emails.
    read the announcements posted on the course homepage.
    look for comments posted to the myCSU Student Portal.
    access the assessment or assignment after a grade has been recorded.

Question 3
Go to the myCSU Student Portal to find the answer to the following question. If you would like assistance with your written response questions before you submit them for a grade, which university department or person should you contact?
    Technical Services
    Student Services
    The Writing Center located in the Success Center
    Your Academic Advisor

Question 4
Internal motivation is:
    being externally driven by others in your life.
    the energy inside you pushing you to go after what you want.
    the act of continuing to pursue a course of action, regardless of challenges, never considering a mid-course change.
    the primary building block of academic success.

Question 5
The single most important habit that leads to online success is:
    telling others your plans

    aligning your career goals with a college degree.

    structuring your schedule around work or family.

    developing self-discipline and accountability.

    being independent.

Question 6
Self-knowledge can help you:
    respond well to other people.
    determine your fixed intelligence.
    provide all the answers you are seeking.
    make more effective choices in school and life.

Question 7
The best way to avoid unintentional plagiarism includes all of the following EXCEPT which one?
    Learn the rules of APA citing
    Include APA citations as required in assignments
    Ask for assistance in how and when to cite
    Wait for the professor to grade the assignment

Question 8
Plagiarism is best defined by which of the following actions?
    Copying another person's work
    Purchasing a paper online and submitting it as your own
    Submitting a paper previously submitted in another class
    Allowing another person to complete your assignments
    All of the above

Question 9
The practice of citing the ideas and concepts of another author recognizes the importance of experts’ contributions in the field of study.

Question 10
APA is the writing style used at CSU to acknowledge the work of others in academic writing assignments.

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