Three important characteristics of effective program assessment practices include: defining quality as a continuum rather than a finish line, creating a program assessment process that looks at the entire program (including administrative functions), and including the input of all stakeholders in the program assessment process.  

In this discussion forum, you will focus on defining quality as a continuum rather than a finish line.  This means, as the director, you should constantly be improving your program and facility.  Based on your completed philosophy and vision statements from Week One, Discussion 1, describe what this assessment characteristic will mean to you and your center.  Be sure to specify the age group you will focus on (infants, toddlers, or preschoolers).

Include the following:

  1. State the philosophy and vision of your center (including a short description).
  2. Name the assessment characteristic and give a short description of what it means to you as the director.
  3. Explain how this characteristic will be applied to your chosen program (including the steps you will take to ensure that continuous quality is comprehensively included in your assessment plan).
  4. Describe your next steps.  Explain the direction you would like your center to take to ensure continuous improvement.


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