Ashford PHI 208 week 1 quiz 100% score

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1.       The first Western philosopher to write a systematic account of logic was

2.       Who was Socrates' greatest student?

3.       Ludwig Wittgenstein is associated with which of these ideas?

4.       Philosophy can develop which of the following skills?

5.       Which of the following are regarded as components of continental philosophy?

6.       The history of philosophy would describe Immanuel Kant as a

7.       The dominant approach to philosophy in England and the US in the 20th century was

8.       "The unexamined life is not worth living for human beings" is attributed to

9.       Academic skepticism takes its name from

10.   The study of the rules of reasoning and how one should think is called

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    Ashford PHI 208 week 1 quiz 100% score

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