Ashford MGT 435 week 5 quiz 100% score

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1.       Which of the following is true in organization with a “flattened” layer of management

2.     At which of Woolner’s (1995) five stages towards becoming a learning organization does learning become a part of an organization’s day-to-day activities?

3.     Which of the following is a typical quality of an “agile” organization?

4.       True or false?  In the modern environment of effective organizational leadership, communication and collaboration take priority over dictatorial authority

5.     The use of past experience to influence future actions is known as which of the following approaches to learning?

6.     True or false?  The biggest challenge faced by learning organizations comes from external threats

7.     A case where marketing blames sales for a problem, and sales blames marketing for the same problem, is an example of the which of the following “learning disabilities”?

8.     One key virtue of a “learning organization” is to

9.     Which of the following represents a “soft” dimension of change

10.  Netflix CEO Reed Hastings faced harsh criticism for which of the following reasons?

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    Ashford MGT 435 week 5 quiz 100% score

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