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Submitted by SHolland2012 on Thu, 2012-07-05 12:58
due on Mon, 2012-07-09 12:58
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Artifacts of our own cultures surround us. From art and music to architecture and literature, from philosophy and religion to...

Artifacts of our own cultures surround us. From art and music to architecture and literature, from philosophy and religion to laws and economics, we live among cultural artifacts that have deep roots.

Select the single cultural artifact that you believe best represents the culture in which you live today. Present a detailed description of the artifact, and analyze in detail how the artifact relates to the values and beliefs of the culture. Investigate and evaluate the deep cultural roots of your artifact. What historical roots allowed your artifact to come into being? Which cultural periods might have influenced its eventual development? How do you anticipate this artifact being passed to future generations? What kinds of evolutions might it undergo as culture changes? Craft an essay of 3-4 pages that addresses these points from the perspective of someone trained in the Humanities

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HUMA 215 Cultural

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xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx

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Artifacts xx our own xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx From xxx xxx music to xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx philosophy xxx religion xx xxxx xxx economics, we live xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx artifacts that xxxx xxxx xxxxxx ��Select the xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx you xxxxxxx xxxx represents xxx xxxxxxx in which xxx xxxx �today. Present a detailed description xx the artifact, and xxxxxxx in xxxxxx xxx �the artifact xxxxxxx to the xxxxxx and beliefs of xxx culture. Investigate xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx deep xxxxxxxx roots xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx roots xxxxxxx �your xxxxxxxx xx come into xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx might have influenced xxxxxx eventual xxxxxxxxxxxx How xx xxx anticipate this xxxxxxxx xxxxx passed xx �future xxxxxxxxxxxx What kinds xx xxxxxxxxxx might xx xxxxxxx as culture �changes? xxxxx an xxxxx of 3-4 pages xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx points from the �perspective xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx Project 5

xxxx Name here

xxxx of xxx

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Artifacts of our own cultures

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xxxx xxx past 20 years or so, students xx anybody xxxxxxx to xxxx about x particular xxxxx uncovered it hardly to xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx to carry xxx x research. xxx research xxx not xxxx and this xxxx xxx process xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxx Wikipedia is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is x xxxxxx xxxxxxxx artifact xxxxx xxxxxxxx knowledge xxxxx economy, xxxxxxxxxxxxx processes, xxx xxxxxx make ups xx xxxxx In addition, Wikipedia is numerous in xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx it xx a host xx other xxxxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (897 words)

Insert Surname Here � xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx







Wikipedia is x xxxx example xx cultural artifact xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx and represents xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in the current xxxxxx xx addition, xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx every cultural aspect in xxxxx people live and live out today. xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxx xx is xxxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx xx different xxxx because it explores xxx traces xxxxxxxxxxx information required or xxxxxx by human xxxxxx xx addition, xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx via xxxxxxxxx because it provides all xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx past 20 xxxxx or so, students or xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx facet xxxxxxxxx it hardly xx obtain information because they had to carry out a research. xxx xxxxxxxx was xxx easy and this xxxx xxx xxxxxxx difficult xxxxxxxx xx today xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is a xxxxxx cultural artifact xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx about xxxxxxxx

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