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Since this is your final week in banking, let's have a bit of fun-sort of a reward for all of your hard work-especially on your article reviews.

Take out your five reviews and spread them out on the table before you. See how much you have accomplished in 11 weeks! (For sure, you have a future in writing reviews of banking articles! Just what you always dreamed of, right?)

Now, here is your task for this discussion forum-your final banking discussion:

  1. Type up a list of the five articles you have reviewed. Include all the stuff that goes into any bibliography-Name of magazine, title of article, name of writer, date, pages (or Internet reference, etc.). You know, the usual stuff. (Take another look at "Using APA" style under Article Review Resources in your Course Materials folder.)
  2. After each article listing, write a one or two sentence summary of what the article was saying. (You will know this from your article review.) Remember, you are writing this summary for your classmates, so keep things informal-but not casual. Try to show how much you learned.
  3. Then after that, write one or two sentences in which you share your opinion or personal analysis of the article. Don't just say "It was bad-or awesome." Support your opinions.


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