Art Mythology Essay


In this essay, you will research and discuss two works of art (painting and/or sculpture) by separate artists which depict subjects from mythology.  Suggested works of art are listed below, but you may use others from the internet.  Your essay should be at least 6 paragraphs and should follow the structure below:

                Par. 1      Introduction, including thesis

                Par. 2      Description of the first work of art, including what mythological characters and story are depicted

                Par. 3     Discussion/analysis/interpretation of this work; this paragraph may include what visual details and symbols contribute to the work and its meaning, what seems to be the artist’s view of the event or of the major figure, what theme about life or history the artist is conveying, what seems to be the artist’s purpose in creating the work, what the artist wants you to feel or think and how he does this.  This paragraph can be your own interpretation and need not come from other sources.

                Par. 4      Description of the second work of art, including what mythological characters and story are depicted

                Par. 5      Discussion/analysis/interpretation of this work, as above

                Par. 6      Conclusion

Include a Works Cited page that indicates the source of any information you obtained. 

Submit essay as an attachment.


 NOTE:  You were permitted to use Wikipedia for the Rubens paintings because I, as your instructor, was able to verify all the information as fair and accurate.  However, you are not permitted to use Wikipedia for this essay.  It is a generally unreliable source and cannot be consistently trusted.

Some good examples of art depicting Greek & Roman mythology: 

Venus and Adonis, Bacchus and Ariadne, Diana & Callisto, Danae Receiving the Shower of Gold, or Diana & Actaeon, Titian (Titian painted dozens of mythological works)

Daphne and Apollo, or The Rape of Prosperina, Bernini

Galatea, Raphael

Birth of Venus, Primavera or Venus and Mars, Botticelli

Castor and Pollux Seizing the Daughters of Leucippus, Rubens

Return from Cythera, Watteau

Cupid a Captive, Boucher

The Cyclops, Redon

Jupiter and Semele and Oedipus and the Sphinx, Moreau

Narcissus, Poussin

Rape of the Sabines, Poussin (or the sculpture of the same  name by Bologna)

The Sabine Women or Venus and Psyche, David

Io and Zeus, Correggio

Thetis and Jupiter, Ingres

Sacrifice of Iphigenia, Tiepolo

Saturn Devouring His Sons, Goya

The Judgment of Paris, Renoir

Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Dali

Hero & Leander, Turner

Echo and Narcissus, Jason and Medea, or Hylas and the Nymphs, Waterhouse


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