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Homework #1

Review of a Work of Art

The pictuers are attached 


Go to an art museum or gallery.  Select a work to which you feel some strong response.  Spend several minutes carefully studying the work.  Write down your thoughts as you are standing in front of it, after you have spent some time really studying it.  Perhaps you would like to make a quick sketch of the work or take a photo with your cellphone.  Your assignment is to respond to the work by answering the following questions.  


By carefully considering subject matter, medium, form, and context, you should be able to arrive at a thoughtful well-defended interpretation of the piece.


      (1) Contextualize it.   Respond to the following questions.

            (A) Where are you?

            (B) What is the title of the piece? 

            (C) Who is the artist? 

            (D) Tell me anything else about the work from the statement, show title, display, etc. that will ultimately aid in your interpretation.


(2) Describe it.   Write one large paragraph keeping in mind the following questions.  Be as descriptive as possible.  Don’t be afraid to state the obvious -- a reader should be able to visualize the piece you are discussing based on your description.

      (A) If it is representational, what is the subject matter depicted?  If it is non-representational, say so.  What does it look like?  Be very specific.

      (B) What is the medium?  Have we studied/do you know anything about the process that resulted in the work? 

      (C) What size is it?  (approximate is ok) Does this size affect your interaction with the piece?

      (D) Is it a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional piece? 

      (E) Which formal elements stand out to you? (Consider our 2nd and 3rd lectures)

      (F) What are the colors being used?

      (H) Remember to include any and all other important details.


(3) Interpret it.  One paragraph.

      Based on your description and contextual information (title, etc.), what do you think the artist was trying to say?  Look back to your descriptive process to help inform this interpretation.  You may also include a response in this section, if you would like.



The name of 2 musems are 1- Cheney washington museum.

2- Gonzaga Jundt Art Museum

Examples of artist films:

1-photo / digital media- Candy Sherman 2- sculpture/ installation -Janine Antoni 3- Performance- James Luna



Just answer these


color schemes (complimentary, analogous, monochromatic, triadic) -with examples-

balance – symmetrical v asymmetrical approximate symmetry-
radial balance
visual unity (proximity, repetition, continuity)

 Primary differences between Greek v Roman art

Primary Properties of Archaic v Classical v Hellenistic Greek Art

important architectural structures we discussed and the culture during/for which it was built (lectures 10-13)

Defining characteristics of Renaissance
Important artists of Renaissance and their principle contributions (esp. Masaccio, Donatello, Da Vinci,

Rafael, Michelangelo, Palladio, van Eyck, Durer, Bruegel)

Artists featured in films we watched in class: Marina Abramovic, Exit Through the Gift Shop artists, Andy Goldsworthy

Favorite & most challenging artists presented by students, be able to cite pieces by those artists (not your own!)


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