art history- zen buddhism paper

So this is the instruction
"Is Zen iconoclastic?" (Answer this question in relation to assigned readings and the four images below [both of which are attached in this email]).
(Due 11AM, June 10th, Saturday. 12 size Times New Roman Double Space, No cover page. *700-1,000 words*.
In the prompt document attached below, 
the top left hand side is: Liang Kai, Huineng, the Sixth Patriarch Tearing a Sutra, 13th century.
the bottom left hand side is: Xu Wei (1521-1593)
the top right hand side is: the Zen Buddhist rock garden
the bottom right hand side is: Mummified Masters (some info for mummified masters I know about:
-Instead of cremate, the body stays indoors
-Covered in lacquer
-Not just a way of conserving but a way of making sure their masters are always with them
-Barrier between life and death
-Follows tradition of breaking tradition
-Enlightenment attained by master
-The students understood this as solid evidence of the greatness of their masters)
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  • Is Zen Iconoclastic?
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