art history research paper


This a research paper is about two art works. you will anwswer 8 questions and write two paragraphes for each question except 1 and 8 you need to write one paragraph only. Please See the questions and follow the format of answer (exactly like in the instructions). Include the questions in the paper and answer like what it says .


First Art work : choose one of the following : I choose from muesume trip 

        - (Suspention)  by Harold Van Pelt (see egg picture in attachment).

        - (Rutile Hand) by Harold Van Pelt ( see hand picture in attachment).


Second Art work :  choose one from the list at the end of the instruction attachment.


Please read the attachment carefully to get a clear idea.


NOTE: I have this paper done but it was written about two art works from the list. I need this to be fixed and have one art work from the list and one art work from what I chose by Harold Van Pelt.


See draft in the attachment.



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