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Search for three images of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, or Iron Age prehistoric sculpture using any of the Web sites listed under Prehistoric Art at

View these sculpture pieces carefully. Choose three images that represent three different periods from the four we have studied this week. Capture the images and place them in chronological order, from oldest to newest, in this template. Then, using information from your textbook, lectures, and other appropriate academic sources, provide the following regarding each image:

  1. The title of the work, its location, the materials used to create the work (if known), and the date.
  2. A brief assessment of the physical properties you observe. Describe the types of lines, shapes, colors, and textures (actual and perceived) the artist has used.
  3. An analysis of the formal structure of each piece. How has the artist arranged and organized the artistic elements to create a cohesive composition?
  4. The natural subject of each piece. Based on your textbook reading and Internet research, are there any details that have a symbolic meaning? If so, what?
  5. A five- to seven-sentence paragraph that discusses the cultural context of each work, based on what you have learned through your textbook reading, the online lectures, and Internet research. What do the images tell you about the culture and the people who created them?
  6. List of references, including the specific websites where you found the images. 



I have attached the template which must be used and must be plagerism free

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