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Choose 4 of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World (excluding the Great Pyramid of Egypt which we covered in class) and report on them in a formal research paper.  Be as thorough as possible. The paper should include the following items::

**Answer these questions for each Wonder, being as detailed as possible: Illustrate a background of each wonder to the reader by providing a collection of historical information about those who created the work, process/creation/material, the location, and myths/stories/history regarding the Wonder itself.

(Worth 30 points for each Wonder== 120 points total)

  • What is it?
  • Who commissioned/created it?
  • How was it built?
  • Where was it located?
  • When was it constructed?
  • What happened to it? 

**Using the information you have learned about the Wonder, why do you think it was considered One of the Wonders of the Ancient World?  What qualifies this work as a wonder over other ancient works? You want to move beyond simply stating it is magnificent, wonderful etc… rather explain what makes the work magnificent, wonderful, etc..

(Worth 5 points for each Wonder =  20 points total)

Important Guidelines:

Format: (Worth 5 points)

  • Write a full 4 page formal research paper. 
  • Double-spaced with a 1” margin and with type size 12 pts.  Please use either Times New Roman or Arial fonts. Paragraph spacing should be set at 0 before and after. Thank you.
  • Name and page numbers in Header/Footer. 
  • Submit in the dropbox as a .doc or .docx
  • If you include images they need to be at the end of the paper.

Writing Mechanics: (Worth 10 points)

  • Remember to proofread! Correct grammatical errors, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • Clear and concise language with strong organization of thoughts and ideas.
  • Essay format (introduction, body, and conclusion).

Sources: (Worth 10 points)

  • Please use at least two books/e-books. Sources can also include unlimited internet resources, journals, magazines, periodicals, websites, and even videos. 
  • Make sure to gather your resources early as we do not have a lot of information on the Wonders since only one remains – you may have to use an interlibrary loan at your local library. Do not forget about the Columbia College online library resources.  Feel free to consider unconventional sources like children’s books for great illustrations of what these wonders may have looked like.
  • Proper use of information. Be sure to provide your own words and thoughts in addition to the research.
  • Please note: Wikipedia and other "Wiki-" websites are not acceptable sources of information for any assignment in this class.

Citations: (Worth 15 points)

  • Always cite your sources!  Use quotations for direct quotes. Use proper citations within the paper and in your Works Cited page. 
  • Art History, as a discipline, utilizes the MLA style.
  • Please read the document, “Important-Tips to Avoid Plagiarism” located in the Content section. The Midterm dropbox will not be available until you have completed the Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz, which can be accessed through the Content area of the course.
  • See Columbia College’s policy on Academic Dishonesty & Plagiarism in syllabus


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