Responding to the prompt provided below. The essay must be between 1300 and 1400 words long. The essay must present a clear thesis and support that thesis with reference to the texts included in the prompt. As a formal essay, it should be written in accordance with standard academic conventions for grammar, spelling, and diction (e.g., complete sentences, no contractions, no slang, etc.). It must include proper citations for sources quoted or paraphrased, following the instrctions for either footnotes or endnotes provided in the Chicago Manual of Style. The essay must be written in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins on all sides. Number your pages.


What is a good society? Articulate your vision of a good society considering such factors as your assumptions about human nature, the reponsibilities of individuals in establishing and maintaining such a society, the role of various social groups and institutions from families to government, and how such a society would approach global problems affecting it as well as neighboring societies. Is it possible to achieve such a society? Must it remain a utopian dream? Or is it more of an ideal that we pursue, perhaps approximate, but never fully realize? Develop and support your answer by making use of at least one article from each of the four chapters in the PACS 1 Reader. 

(Have to pick on readings from each Chapter)
Readings from Chapter 1:
1.The difference between high school and college by Jack W. Meiland
2.My bondage and my freedom by Frederick Douglass
3.Doing the right things by Michael Sandel
4.Is religion opposed to science by John Haught

Readings from Chapter 2:
1.Black men and public spaces by Brent Staples
2.Jesus is a brand of jeans by jean kilbourne
3.Don't make me choose by sundee tucker frazier
4.Growing up American:Doing the right thing by Amparo Ojeda

Readings from Chapter 3:
1.Letter from Birmingham jail by Martin Luther King Jr.
2. The new jim crow-Excerpts by Michelle Alexander
3. Power steer by Michael Pollan
4. American religious pluralism: Civic and Theological Discourse by Diana L. Eck

Readings from Chapter 4:
1.Global Warming by Willie soon and Sallie Baliunas
2. Environmental Ethics and Global Governance: Engaging the international liberal tradition by paul Wapner
3. Save the redwoods by John Muir
4. Toward a sea ethic by Carl Sarfina
5.Introduction: Making Conversation by Kwame Anthony Appiah

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