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Submitted by ysncb1970 on Wed, 2014-01-22 23:24
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"for archmage only"

I have uploaded the excel spread sheet can you verify that you have received?  





Submitted by archmage on Sat, 2014-01-25 13:13
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Acme :)

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Thanks a xxx for purchasing buddy! Please rate me xxxx hehe

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R&D xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx four xxxxx with xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx costs:
Market xxxxxxxx * 1,050,000
xxxxxxx Design* 2,350,000
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x 3,600,000
xxxxxxxxx Testing * xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx analysis determines xxxx the appropriate cost drivers and their xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx are:
xxxxxxxxxx Cost Drivers xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Market Analysis Hours xx analysis xxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxNumber of xxxxxxxxxxx designs
Product xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of products90 xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Testingxxxxxx of xxxxx xxx tests
xx Compute the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx overhead rate for xxxx pool. xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx formulas xx show xxxx xxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
Product xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx designs
Product Developmentxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx products
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx be xxxxxxx to xx in-house xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx 1,800 hours of
xxxxxx analysis xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx 280 designs xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx 92 xxxxxxxxxxx tests?
Show xxxx work.
Market xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx=$700 x xxxxx hours
xxxxxxx xxxxxx $263,200.00 =$940 x xxx designs
xxxxxxx Development $400,000.00xxxxxxxx x 10 products
xxxxxxxxx Testing$257,600.00 xxxxxxx x 92 tests
c) xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx as the xxxxx xxx for xxxxxxx an R&x bid xxxx xx outside xxxxxxx xx x contract xxxx
xxxxx consume xxx hours xx analysis xxxxx require xxx xxxxxxx

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Submitted by archmage on Sat, 2014-01-25 11:57
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Full Solutions :)

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xxxxx you again! 

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xxxxxxxx 1

xx xxxxxMachine xxxxx
xxxxxxxx $291,870126,900 xxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxx 130,800 hours
a.)xxx xxxx * 2.30 per machine hour
b.)xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx
Account Debit Credit
xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx$4,370
Manufacturing Overhead xxxxxx

xxxxxxxx x

xxxxxBalance* xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
31-Mayxxxxxxxxxx 5,780 Beginning * xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx * xxxxx xxxxxxx * 1,520
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx * 1,960Transferred xxxx 1,410
Ending xxx
xxx WIP xxx 31 xxx Beginning WIP xxxxxx $1,700
xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx Unit xxxxxxxxxx xxxx $4.18
xxx Total xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx out xxxxxxx
xxxCost of Inventoryxxxxxx

Question 3

Standard Custom
xxxxxx xxxxx Costsxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Machine Hours x xxxxx* xxxxx
xxxxx Hoursx xx x 410
xxxxxxxxx OH$308,100
xx to machining xxxxxxxx
OH xx setup $109,700
a.) Predetermined xx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Machine xxxxx$215.52
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Standard $103,400
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

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