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Applying the 21 Synetics

Applying the 21 Synetics

The need for thinking and problem-solving skills dominates our lives. Individuals must analyze problems in the workplace, at school, as a parent, and in many other daily situations. You have an opportunity to practice your problem-solving skills through this assignment.

Assignment:  Select one problem from the following list or define your own problem.

  1. Design a new textbook for a psychology class, science class, etc.
  2. Invent a new telephone.
  3. Design a new suitcase.
  4. Design new clothes for soldier/teacher/cook/student/etc.
  5. Invent a new style for a video game.
  6. Create a short story.
  7. Design a new computer.
  8. Invent a new way to protect computers from viruses.
  9. Create a new type of credit card.
  10. Work on solving a problem of your own choosing - a problem that is related to your major field of study.


  • Remember that you don’t need to create anything physically. You may use images or just descriptions of your ideas.
  • What is important for this assignment is your ability to generate ideas.
  • Number your ideas 1 through 21.
  • Generate 21 ideas about solving it, using the 21 Synectics steps listed below:
  • Response should be at least 500 words

Note: The 21 Synectics steps were developed by SynecticsWorld, inc.



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Applying the 21 Synetics

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21 Synectics xxxxx

In this paper, I xxxx use xxx xx Synectics steps to xxxx x solution xx xx xxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxx xx taken xx for xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx paper is xxxxxxx a xxxxx

Subtract: xx this xxxx of the process x xxxx xxxxxxx that xxxx story will xxx be x xxxx story or x novel. It xxxx be short xxxxxx The xxxxx of the story will xx about x xxxxxx’s journey living xx x different country.

xxxxxxxxxxx The story xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx life xx this person who xxxxx away from his country xxx family in a xxxxxxx land. xx will xxxx xxxxx how xx feels xxx xxxx xx goes xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx In this xxxxx xxxxxx the xxxx xxxx be about xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx this xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx his xxxx living away xxxx xxxxx It xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx aspiration to xx x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx star xx the xxxxxx States and in xxx xxxxxx

Add: xxx xxxx character xxxx to xx xxx xxxxxxx star xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx ever xxxxx xxx this xx has been working really hard xxx xx faces xxxx of

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