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Application Case 9–2 The Politics of Performance Appraisal Every Friday, Max Steadman, Jim Cobun, Lynne Sims, and Tom Hamilton meet at Charley’s Food Place after work for refreshments. The four friends work as managers at Eckel Industries, a manufactur

I dunno how to ans the question

Submitted by shahimermaid on Thu, 2012-02-16 10:22
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xxxxxxxxxxx Case 9–2

The Politics of Performance xxxxxxxxx

xxxxx Friday, xxx Steadman, Jim Cobun, Lynne Sims, and xxx Hamilton meet xx xxxxxxx’s Food xxxxx after work xxx refreshments. The four xxxxxxx xxxx as xxxxxxxx xx Eckel Industries, x manufacturer xx xxx welding xxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx one-plant company employs xxxxx xxxxx people. xxx four xxxxxxxx work in the manufacturing xxxxxxxxx Max, 35, manages xxx company’s 25 quality control inspectors. xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx a supervisor xx inventory management. xxxx 34, is a first-line supervisor xx the xxxxx coating xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx supervises a team of assemblers. The four xxxxxxxx’ xxxxxxx at xxxxx Industries xxxxx xxxx one xxxx (Tom) xx xx years xxxxxx xxx xxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx’s friendship xxxxx from xxxxx xxxxx xx undergraduate business students xx the xxxxxxxxxx of Minnesota. xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx the group xxxxx xxxxxxx the three xx xx Eckel xxxxxxxxxx seminar xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx at

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