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Application: Analyzing Frequency Distributions


Your goal for this Application is to analyze the frequency distributions of data provided as an SPSS data file. A worksheet is provided for this Application, in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Download the Module 4 Application Assignment Worksheet and paste your output—the frequency distribution table—at the end of the document. Then, based on your output, answer the questions on the worksheet, typing your answers directly into the document.

To prepare for this Application, participate in the Discussion area to clarify any questions you may have about the material presented in the textbook, demonstration video, the assigned Study Questions, or the end-of-chapter exercises.

The Assignment:

Run data distributions on the data file provided. Complete the Module 4 Application Assignment Worksheet, pasting the frequency distributions table at the end of the document. Be sure that your completed worksheet contains your responses to all questions and your SPSS output.

Submit your Application by Day 7 of Week 7.

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Running Head: MODULE x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 1

xxxxxx 4 APPLICATION xxxxxxxxxx 5

Module 4 Application xxxxxxxxxx Worksheet

SPSS Frequencies


xxx this assignment, you xxxxxx and analyze frequency xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx provided xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx file. Import the xxxx into SPSS xxxxx xxx techniques described xx xxxxxx 3, xxx xxxx run xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx tables, as instructed below, xx SPSS. xxxx: xx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx you save xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx as xxx will xxx xxx xxxx xxxx for modules 5 xxx 6 application xxxxxxxxxxxx Type xxxx answers xx all questions xxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx required frequency xxxxxxxxxxxxx table xx the end of xxxx document.

Submit this xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx x xx Week xx

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

A xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx effect of x xxx xxxxxxxxxx on xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx HDL cholesterol, and glycosylated xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx randomly selects x xxxxxx of xx xxx male xxx xx female) xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx been diagnosed with xxxx cholesterol. xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx females, the participants xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xx xxx conditions (or xxxxxxxx Following xxxxxxx measures of serum xxxxxxxxxxx (CHOL), High xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx cholesterol xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx group xxxxxx xx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx for a

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