Application 2 Obesity

Make sure you put this paper in APA Format.  Use the APA Template from Application 1.     
        Application 1 APA Template.docx    
On Application 2, I will be looking for the following in your assignment:        
An analysis of “healthy” breakfast cereals in the following data set:  
Examine and evaluate the data set for significant findings which will be used in educational materials for patients   
Standard deviations,            
Bar chart             
Make sure you provided an interpretation for all charts, graphs, and plots.         
The assignment will be graded on the following:         
What insights related to weight & obesity are provided from your analysis? 15pts        
What significant conclusions do you see related to weight and obesity? 15pts      
HP vs. Top Speed:  The scatter plot shows that as HP increases so does the Top Speed. (from Application Assignment 1)  
HP vs. MPG:  The scatter plot shows that as HP increases the MPG goes down. (from Application Assignment 1)   
What about the descriptive and inferential statistics? 15pts        
From your analysis, what information should be included in the  educational materials for the patients? 20pts    
Mechanics of the paper: 10pts            
Make sure that the vertical & horizontal axes are labeled appropriately on any graphs and plots.     
Spelling is correct            
Correct grammar            
Basic writing skills are present in the assignment         
You should be applying the concepts you have learned up to this point in the class that help you meet the objectives of the assignment. 
Descriptive statistics            
Charts & Scatter plots            
Regression/ Correlation            


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