Course Project Assignment: Non-Western Perspectives

In the course text, Merriam, Caffarella, & Baumgartner (2007) contend that Western perspectives dominate the field of adult learning. They continue by stating that exclusive reliance on Western perspectives reinforces the marginalization and oppression of other systems of learning and knowing. This week you have been exploring other systems of learning and knowing, not to replace Western perspectives but to expand your awareness of and sensitivity to the vast variety of approaches to adult education that exist across the globe. Before you begin your Course Project Assignment, consider what you learned as you participated in this week’s Discussion. Then for this assignment, respond to the following questions:

  • How do your perspectives and beliefs as an adult educator compare with those of Confucian, Hindu, Maori, Islamic, and African cultures, as presented in Chapter 9 of the course text?
  • Why does having an understanding of and sensitivity to non-Western perspectives enable you to better understand yourself as an adult learner and support the learning of adults? Explain.

Be specific and provide concrete examples. Refer to this week's Learning Resources. Use required course materials to support what you are saying and cite in APA format. Include Optional Resources from the Resource Page or other resources that you have found on your own—as additional creditable sources to qualify for an A.

To earn a grade of A: Use creditable sources in addition to course videos and required readings and cite in APA format. Include additional resources and not just required resources. On the Resource Page each week: The Learning Resources are divided into three areas: Required Reading, Media, and Optional Resources (supplemental). Optional Resources (supplemental) count as additional resources.

The following Internet resources are unacceptable for citation purposes:

*Walden does not allow the following for graduate school. Please use a scholarly, professional, reliable source.

  1. Wikipedia
  2. WikiInfo
  3. Anarcopedia
  4. Edutopia
  5. Cliff's Notes

Remember to use correct APA style for any citations in your work.

Note: This is the sixth section of your Course Project: How Adults Learn.
Refer to the Rubric area to guide your work.

(Assignment total length: 2–3 pages)

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