To complete this assignment:

  • Develop your own definition of the term strengths-based approach/perspective with regard to culturally and linguistically diverse populations in early childhood settings.
  • Describe at least six to eight factors that you perceive as strengths of culturally and linguistically diverse populations. (Note: Consider including quotes from the articles you read and/or people you know. Be sure to cite all sources.)
  • Select images* that you feel visually convey your definition and selected factors.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes your definition, factors, and visual imagery.

*Note: You may search online for free public domain photos and images that can be used for non-commercial purposes. Also, if you need help using the Microsoft Powerpoint program, you can use an online search engine and search the term "Powerpoint Tutorials" and find many resources. Alternately, the Powerpoint program offers tutorials through its Help menu.

Assignment length: approximately 8-10 PowerPoint slides

Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week.

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