With these thoughts in mind, review pp. 1407–1417 of the article "What is Family Diversity" by Harris and then consider the following questions:

  • What was the "form" of your childhood family?
  • What are three key characteristics (e.g., specific behaviors, patterns, traditions, expressions of emotions, values, etc.) of your family culture?
  • Referring to Harris' examples of interpretive family diversity: In what ways might people outside your family interpret these unique characteristics differently from you and other family members? Provide at least one example.
  • In what ways has your family culture influenced you?
  • Referring to the article Understanding Families and the six family systems characteristics, (i.e., aspects of family culture, discussed): In what ways do any/all of these characteristics continue to affect you and shape your thoughts about yourself and your interactions with others?
  • What is an example (or examples) of similarity or dissimilarity between your childhood family culture (or your current family culture) and the dominant culture—and in what ways did/do you deal with the resulting feelings of congruence/incongruence?
  • In what ways does your childhood family culture and/or your current adult family culture influence your professional life?
  • Referring to Harris' examples of "objective family diversity": What insight(s) offered by these examples provided you with a deeper understanding of family diversity—and in what way(s) will this support your work with children and families?
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