apa format, with sources noted within the writing..must be atleast 5 sources used and all sources must have a url link, 1200 word minimum and the abstract words are not included in that word count


1) Identify and thoroughly explain with documentation one (1) program or training available to law enforcement or corrections officers to improve their safety when working with youth.  The chosen training or program must either involve:

a) recent developments in neuroscience, or

b) mental health practices.

“Thoroughly explain” means a detailed explanation of the purpose of the training/program, the details of how it operates and what results are expected and have been found.  Provide data where available.

You may not write about the specific programs referenced in the DocSharing articles.  You must conduct independent research to find other programs that improve officer and youth safety.  You may want to search at http://www.ojjdp.gov/mpg/    Remember, evidence-based programs have been evaluated and the results were likely published.  Use that information.

2) Specifically explain in one paragraph how Saint Leo University’s core value of RESPECT applies to specific contents of the textbook and include a citation and page number.


Your response should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level. Your answer must be no less than 1200 words and you must use at least three authoritative sources beyond those provided to support your position. All sources must be properly cited using the APA style.


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