Anthropology #4


I need these questions to be fully answered and with good quality. 


Group 7:


1.)  As a society becomes more and more dependent on agriculture and less on hunting and gathering, does the society’s culture grow or decline? 

Does this dependence on one another for basic needs free us as individuals to worry less and explore more, or does it weaken us by taking away the knowledge we would need to sustain life?




Group 8:


1.)  Why do you think the definition of happiness differs between cultures? What factors contribute to this? Do you think that the quote "Happiness is a journey, not a destination" can apply to all cultures and societies? Why or why not?


2.)  What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning about new cultures and why? 


3.)  If government involvement in the economy followed neoliberal economic philosophy, what pros and cons (environmental, social, political, etc) would be result?  In your opinion would you rather live in a neoliberal economic world or not?




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