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1. (TCO C) Which common database challenge is illustrated by the text's discussion of receiving multiple pieces of the same direct mail advertising with an identical address? (Points : 10) 
Data normalization
Data accuracy
Data redundancy
Data quality

2. (TCO D) The Internet is based on which three key technologies? (Points : 10) 
TCP/IP, HTTP, and packet switching
Client/server computing, packet switching, and the development of communications standards for linking networks and computers
Client/server computing, packet switching, and HTTP

3. (TCO A) Based on the examples in the text, if you were asked to formulate a plan for a regional drive-in restaurant chain's efforts to use information technology to attract customers, what would be the best use of information technology from the list below? (Points : 10) 
Use IT to increase supplier loyalty.
Use IT to increase operational efficiency.
Use IT to create new products and business models.
Use IT to help survive government reporting requirements.
Use IT to achieve customer intimacy. 

1. The organization within the Japanese government deemed benign is the:
a.)    Justice department
b.)    Maritime commission
c.)     Fair trade commission

2. The two types of market screening procedures are:
a.)    Country screening and segment screening
b.)    Trend analysis and cluster analysis
c.)     Market indicators and market factors

3. There are several criteria for segmenting markets. Which of the following are two criteria for segmenting?
a.)    large and definable
b.)    unclassified and unfulfilled
c.)     small and elusive

Identify the violated assumption, principle,or constraint.
Here are some accounting reporting situations. 

a. Dorfner Company recognizes revenue at the end of the production cycle but before sale. The price of the product, as well as the amount that can be sold, is not certain.

b. Rayms Company is in its fifth year of operation and has yet to issue financial statements. (Do not use the full disclosure principle.)

c. Tariq, Inc. is carrying inventory at its original cost of $100,000. Inventory has a fair value of $110,000.

d. Leer Hospital Supply Corporation reports only current assets and current liabilities on its balance sheet. Property, plant, and equipment and bonds payable are reported as current assets and current liabilities, respectively. Liquidation of the company is unlikely.

e. Kim Company has inventory on hand that cost $400,000. Kim reports inventory on its balance sheet at its current fair value of $425,000.

f. Kris Piwek, president of Classic Music Company, bought a computer for her personal use. She paid for the computer by using company funds and debited the “Computers” account.

Instructions For each situation, list the assumption, principle, or constraint that has been violated, if any. Some of these assumptions, principles, and constraints were presented in earlier chapters. List only one answer for each situation.

1) Which of the following code categories should be chosen over codes from other chapters for the same condition?
a) Complication of pregnancy
c)Blood disorders
d)Metabolic and nutritional diseases

2) Pyuria or bacteria in the urine should be coded to
a) 790.7

3) A patient returns to learn the results of an HIV test, which are negative. Which code is listed as the reason for the encounter?
a) V65.44

1) A patient has a condition wherein the body fails to produce insulin. She requires daily insulin shots for control that seem to stabilize the condition. She isn't experiencing any significant health issues. This condition is coded as 
a) 250.1

2) Hypopotassemia is coded as
d) 251.2


3) Conditions that have a decrease in hemoglobin levels in the blood can be coded to Chapter
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