A+ Answers of the following Questions

1. A study at a sleep-away camp found that high-ranking boys attained power and popularity primarily through
A. athletic prowess.

B. attractiveness.

C. intelligence.
D. social class.

2. A/An _______ group is one that's culturally, economically, and politically subordinate.

A. minority
B. racial
C. majority
D. ethnic

3. Which statement regarding the ideology of the American Dream is true?

A. According to a Gallup Poll, most Americans agree that they can get rich.
B. The ideology maintains that those who don't succeed don't deserve to succeed.
C. The ideology actually has more adherents in Western Europe than in America.
D. Even more than the upper classes, lower class Americans believe in the American Dream.

4. Which of the following is not an instance of "doing gender"?
A. The male nurse comments to a female nurse that he's got a hot date for Saturday.
B. Girls who work out at a gym avoid weight training for fear of developing big muscles.

C. A female bodybuilder grows long blonde hair to affirm her femininity.
D. Jane plays basketball with the boys because she's a skilled player.

1. What does CLADR stand for and how does it relate to the current useful lives assigned to assets?

2. What is bonus depreciation and is it still available to taxpayers?

3. What is the ADS system and what is its significance?

4. Is there any reason why a company can't pay its empolyees very high salaries to help mitigate the harsh effects of double taxation?

5. The local government in conjunction with Big Construction Corporation has proposed demolishing 800 of 2000 units in a low-income housing project that has become crime-ridden and in poor repair. The 800 units will be replaced with 300 units, half of which will be for low-income families, and half of which will be for moderate-income families. Some persons object to the plan because there will be fewer low-income housing units after these changes are completed. This proposal
Could be deemed moral under Utilitarianism since a greater good for the community and the majority of the residents would be achieved
Could be deemed immoral under Kantian ethics if no suitable housing arrangements are made for the lower-income residents who are displaced by the project
Could be deemed a socially responsible action if Big Construction Company donates substantial equipment, personnel, and material to the project as well as to Habitat for Humanity
All of the above.

Question 1         
__________ refers to the buying and selling of goods and services, servicing of customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within an organization.
A. E-commerce
B. E-business
C. Pure EC
D. Partial EC

Question 2         
The ways in which EC is done include:
A. the Internet and extranets.
B. the Internet and private networks.
C. the Internet, extranets, and private networks.
D. the Internet, value-added networks, on local area networks using intranets, or on a single computerized machine.

Question 3         
A business such as Apple Computers making online transactions with its trading partners is an example of:
A. B2B.
B. B2C.
C. e-CRM.

1. Spontaneous action by groups in situations where cultural rules for behavior are vague, inadequate, or debated is called _______ behavior.
A. frenzied, chaotic

B. dysfunctional
C. collective
D. communal

2. The social structure that claims a monopoly on the legitimate use of coercion and physical force within a geographic territory is the
A. state.
B. economy.

C. judiciary.

D. military.

3. All of the following may be considered examples of direct-action tactics, except

A. sit-ins.
B. demonstrations.
C. reading campaign literature.
D. direct mailings calling attention to political issues.

Question 1         
A job opening in the Sales Department posted on the company's Intranet by the Human Resources Department is an example of:
A. E2C.
B. B2S.
C. B2B.
D. B2E.

Question 2         
Large private organizational buyers and government agencies make large-volume or large-value purchases through __________, also known as reverse auctions.
A. online direct marketing
B. electronic tendering systems
C. name-your-own-price models
D. viral marketing

Question 3         
According to the __________ model, an organization can increase brand awareness or even generate sales by Web-based word-of-mouth marketing or promoting a product or service to other people.
A. online direct marketing
B. electronic tendering systems
C. name-your-own-price

D. viral marketing


Question 4         
Online group purchasing organizations are known as:
A. SMEs.
B. e-co-ops.
C. exchanges.
D. barters.

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