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Question 1         
Which of the following products available on the Internet is least likely to change the product strategy decision making of its parent company?
B. Internet service providers
C. Online books
D. iTunes
Question 2         
Online shopping agents most directly affect which of the following business activities?
A. Procurement
B. Pricing
C. Marketing
D. Distribution
Question 3         
An example of a primary market transaction is
A. a new issue of common stock by AT&T 
B. a sale of some outstanding common stock of AT&T 
C. AT&T repurchasing its own stock from a stockholder 
D. one stockholder selling shares of common stock to another individual

Question 1         
A downside to customer word-of-mouth as an established source of online Web page content is:
A. the potential for the "halo effect."
B. the lack of control that the organization can have over the content.
C. the potential for the content to be syndicated.
D. the unpredictability of the content.

Question 2         
A __________ file offers access to the user in real-time.
A. virtual
B. plug-in
C. downloadable
D. streaming

Question 3         
FAQs, games, customer support, and sweepstakes are examples of:
A. interactive Web page content.
B. streaming audio/video files.
C. three-dimensional automations.
D. plug-ins.

Question 1         
Analyzing the contents of online "shopping carts" is an example of which class of Internet-based data sources?
A. Respondent unaware
B. Researcher hidden
C. Recorder archival
D. Respondent aware

Question 2         
One way the author of this textbook recommends to effectively manage credibility concerns with online information is to:
A. only visit Internet sites that are recommended by your superiors.
B. only use information from sites that are regulated by the FCC.
C. combine online and offline aspects of business research.
D. combine primary and secondary information sources.

Question 3         
Which of the following online research activities endangers a respondent's privacy?
A. Focus groups
B. Online surveys
C. Listservs
D. E-mail

Question 1         
Which of the following is NOT a content-related role of commercial Web sites?
A. Disabling transactions
B. Building a corporate image
C. Managing customer relationships
D. Building brands

Question 2         
Transaction-based sites include which of the following?

A. Sites that give customers detailed information about the corporation's strategic focus
B. Sites that provide FAQs, online manuals, and live customer support
C. Sites that allow consumers to buy goods and services via the Internet
D. Sites that inform customers about product rollouts and promotions

Question 3         
Chat room and bulletin board links on a corporation's home page are examples of which of the following online content-related sources?
A. Company-created
B. Customer-created
C. Government-created
D. Competitor-created

1. Please read the following excerpt from an essay, and answer the question that follows. I've never actually met a real live humorist. Well, not in person at any rate. However, one summer, having a lot of time on my hands, I discovered unexpected treasures lurking in the local public library. Among the nug gets I unearthed in those musty stacks was a book by humorist Robert Benchley. To this day I remember one of his quips. He wrote, "There are two kinds of people in this world; those who divide the world into two kinds of people and those who don't." After laughing out loud, I became pensive. I wondered why the quip was so funny. A year or so later, I formed a theory. Humor is based on the unexpected.(br)In the passage above, the topic sentence and the thesis are one and the same. What makes the last sentence effective as a thesis statement?

A. Humor

B. Simplicity

C. Specific detail

D. Assertion

2. An active reader who is assigned an essay to read will begin by

A. reading the entire essay.

B. researching the subject of the essay.

C. skimming the entire essay.

D. previewing specific parts of the essay.

3. One of the benefits to highlighting key points is that

A. it ensures active reading.

B. it sorts the good ideas from the bad ideas.

C. you can skim, rather than read every word.


D. it eliminates note taking.

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