A+ Answers of the following Questions

Question 1
When placed near each other, unlike magnetic poles _____ each other.

Question 2
An electric current produces a (an)
Choose one answer.
a. magnetic domain.
b. magnetic field.
c. electrical resistance.
d. permanent magnet.

Question 3

Streams of electrically charged particles flowing at high speeds from the sun make up the
Choose one answer.
a. magnetosphere.
b. solar wind.
c. magnetic domain.
d. magnetic field.

Question 1
A magnetic pole is the part of a magnet where the magnetic effect is weakest.


Question 2
Superconductors allow electric current to flow without resistance, but only at very low _____.

Question 3
Copper is a good conductor of electric current.


Question 1
Increasing the number of loops in an electromagnet will cause the strength of its magnetic field to decrease.


Question 2
A zigzag line in a circuit diagram represents a switch.


Question 3
If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and see the Northern Lights, you are seeing 
a. an aurora.
b. a magnetic field.
c. the magnetosphere.
d. magnesia.

Question 1
Earth’s magnetism is thought to be due to the circulation of molten iron and nickel within Earth’s _____.

Question 2
Materials that allow the charges of an electric current to move freely through them are called 
a. insulators.
b. conductors.
c. resistors.
d. magnets.

Question 3
Every magnet, regardless of its shape, has two 
a. magnetic poles.
b. magnetic charges.
c. magnetic fields.
d. magnetic domains.

1. The table below presents Kent’s marginal utility per dollar for books and pizzas. Books cost $16 each and pizzas cost $8 each. 
Books MU/P Pizzas MU/P
1 30 1 25
2 26 2 24.5
3 24.5 3 20
4 20 4 16
5 17.5 5 11
6 10 6 8
7 5.5 7 2
a. How many books and pizzas will Kent purchase if he has $88 to spend?
b. How much utility will Kent receive from his purchases in a? 
c. The price of books rises to $20 a book. How do your answers to a and b change?

2. The company had a $285,000 in taxable income. Using the rate from table, calculate the company's income taxes. What is the average tax rate? What is the marginal tax rate?
taxable income taxiable income (cont) tax rate taxes
0 $50,000 15% 7,500
5,001 75,000 25% 6250
75,001 100,000 34% 8500
100,001 335,000 39% 72150
335,001 10,0000,000 34%
10,000,001 15,000,000 35%
15,000,001 18,333,333 38%
18,333,334 34%
Income taxes =
Average Tax rate =
Marginal Tax rate=


3. You have been asked to write a program for calculating the percentage increase or decrease of the market value of the Connors Building from January 2010 to
January 2011. The program should ask the user for the January 2010 price and the January 2011 price, compute the difference, and then calculate and display the percentage increase or decrease over the January 2010 price. in this format with that level

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