A+ Answers of the following Questions


Why is coal so important to the growth of the economy? Why is it still the fuel of choice for Pennsylvania?

1. Branch Corp's total assets at the end of last year were $315,000 and its net income after taxes was $22,750. What was its return on total assets? Please show the work of how you got the answer.
a). 7.22%
b). 7.58%
c). 7.96%
d). 8.36%
e). 8.78%


2. Nikko Corp's total common equity at the end of last year was $305,000 and its net income after taxes was $60,000. What was its ROE? Please show the work of how you got the answer. Thank you
a). 16.87%
b). 17.75% 
c). 18.69%
d). 19.67%
e). 20.66%

3. A machine that costs R150 000 is expected to have a useful life of 5 years and then a scrap value of R 22 500. The following net returns are expected over the five years:
Year 1 R25 000
Year 2 R55 000
Year 3 R40 000
Year 4 R40 000
Year 5 R40 000
Question: Comment on whether the machine should be purchased. Projects of this type are expected to return at least 20% p.a.

1. Company regularly sells merchandise to its 80%-owned subsidiary, S Corporation. In 2010, P sold merchandise that cost $240,000 to S for $300,000. Half of this merchandise remained in S's December 31, 2010 inventory. During 2011, P sold merchandise that cost $375,000 to S for $468,000. Forty percent of this merchandise inventory remained in S's December 31, 2011 inventory. Selected income statement information for the two affiliates for the year 2011 is as follows:
Consolidated cost of goods sold for P Company and Subsidiary for 2011 are: (Points : 2) 


2. Evolutionary theory responds to which argument for the existence of God, by showing that complexity can arise from natural causes? (Points : 1) 
The Ontological Argument
The Cosmological Argument
The Argument from Outrage
The Argument from Design

3. The most obvious result of Descartes distinguishing the mind from the body is (Points : 1) 
the immortality of the soul can be explained.
the omnipotence of God can be explained.
the origin of the universe can be explained.
the existence of evil can be explained.

1. A computer that passes the Turing test might show that (Points : 1) 
machines can perform mathematical calculations.
machines are better at taking orders.
machines can think.
machines have immortal souls.

2. The First Cause argument for the existence of God assumes that (Points : 1) 
the universe is stable and ruled by natural law.
the universe has not always existed.
the universe may be larger than we suspect.
the big bang shows that God isn't required to explain the world.

3. Strong determinism denies that human beings have (Points : 1) 
real freedom.
real truth.
real physics.
real mathematics

1. The Ontological Proof of the Existence of God claims that God exists because (Points : 1) 
God's perfection includes necessary existence.
morality requires a religious foundation.
Aquinas said God exists.
if God did not exist, humans could not understand evil.

2. The history of philosophy would describe Immanuel Kant as a (Points : 1) 
classical philosopher.

medieval philosopher.
contemporary philosopher.
modern philosopher. 


Maimonides was famous for his interpretations of which text? (Points : 1) 
The Hebrew Bible 
The menu at Manny's Delicatessen
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
The Qur’an

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