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1. _______ is the radioisotope commonly used to map a human's circulatory system.
A. Carbon-14
B. Technetium-99m
C. Cobalt-60
D. Iron-59

2. In an exothermic reaction, the water will _______ in a calorimeter.
A. drop in temperature
B. absorb heat
C. release heat
D. drop in volume

3. Most radiation exposure comes from
A. nuclear medicine.
B. consumer products.
C. natural sources.
D. medical X-rays.

1. _______ are organic compounds containing a C=O bond, having strong aromas, and known for being volatile.
A. Carboxylic acids
B. Esters
C. Ethers
D. Amines

2. _______ are produced in the light reactions and used in the Calvin cycle.
A. Sugar molecules
C. Electrons and sugars
D. NADP+ and ADP

3. How much heat does 225 g of water gain when its temperature rises from 25°C to 32°C?
A. 6.59 kJ
B. 0.376 kJ
C. 21.65 kJ
D. 30.12 kJ

1. Which of the following compounds would you expect to be the most reactive?
A. Ethyne
B. Ethane
C. Methane
D. Ethene

2. All the following are steps included in linking amino acids to form chains except
A. forming water.
B. removing the hydroxyl part of the amino group.
C. using a peptide bond to connect the amino acids.
D. removing a hydrogen from the amino group.

3. _______ are produced in the light reactions and used in the Calvin cycle.
A. Sugar molecules
C. Electrons and sugars
D. NADP+ and ADP

1. Laura joined a multinational corporation. She expects to get her first salary of $100,000 one year from today. Also, her salary will grow at 4 percent each year, starting next year. Laura is 50 years old and plans to work for exactly 20 years, drawing only twenty salaries. What is the present value of Laura's salary if the discount rate is 8 percent? Set your decimal places to 6.






2. You just turned 18 today and you want to save some money to take a vacation to Rio, Brazil when you turn 22 and spend 2 years there. Starting next quarter, you will deposit $2000 every quarter until you turn 21. Your last payment will be on your 21st. birthday. You want to make two withdrawals, one on your 22nd and another on your 23rd birthday. Assume the interest rate is 7 percent compounded daily (365) throughout these years. What is your annual withdrawal on your 22nd and 23rd birthday?






3. Fred and Ella are going to establish a business. They expect the business to be very successful in the long-run, but project losses of approximately $100,000 for each of the first five years. Due to potential environmental concerns, limited liability is a requisite for the owners. Which form of business entity should they select?
General partnership.
Limited partnership.
C corporation.
S corporation.
Any of the above should satisfy Fred and Ella.


1. Carter wants to impress his boss, Marco. Carter approaches one of Marco's potential clients and negotiates a contract with the client on Marco's behalf. The client agrees and signs the contract. Marco, however, doesn't know about Carter's negotiation. Carter lacks the authority to negotiate on Marco's behalf. When Marco finds out, he is so pleased about the contract that he overlooks Carter's actions and tells Carter he did an excellent job landing the client. This forms an agency by

2. Phil receives a job offer from Big Tech, Inc., in a letter that states, "If you leave your current position and join us, we will employ you for the next five years as our company expands." Phil takes the job, and he is fired after six months even though his work was satisfactory. If Phil sues and wins, the most likely reason is

3. Bob's company was found in violation of OSHA. The violation likely relates to

1. Tim hires Brett to mow his yard once a week, using the mower stored in Tim's garage. Tim then gives the mower to his brother Ed, who lives in another town. Brett complains to Tim, pointing out that Brett won't incur expense to rent a mower to perform the contract. Tim says Brett is uncooperative. Which of the following statements is legally true?

2. Sally works for Big Tech, Inc. One day, the boss calls her into his office and says, "Women just don't get tech. You're fired. "Sally sues. In the course of the litigation, the company discovers that Sally was pilfering paper from the company storage, and under the employee handbook, this is grounds for termination. Sally's discharge is


3. Bob works for the government and belongs to a union. Bob's union goes on strike. Which of the following statements is true?

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