Answer the following question with 2-4 sentences.
1. Tinytown passes a law making it a crime to criticize the mayor. Tom objects that the law violates his right to freedom of speech under the US constitution. Tom sues Tinytown.Will the court rule that Tom can criticize the mayor? Why or why not?
2. Attorney Jones uses her position of trust to convince her client, Sally to enter into a contract with Jones that is to Sally's disadvantage. Sally later realizes what has happened and seeks to get out of the contract. What defense should she make against enforcing the contract?
3. Terrence, an adult, enter into a contract with Bobby, a 16 year old. Before either party changes position, Bobbys parents find out and tell Terrence the deal is off. Can Terrence enforce the contract?
4. Jake thinks he has a sexual harassment claim based on federal law against his employer. Jake resides in Texas and his employer resides in Texas. Jakes damages are $60,000. Can Jake sue in federal court? Why or why not?
5. Jason and Kellen go out for a night on the town. After a few drinks Jason laughingly tells Kellen that if Kellen ask the waitress out, he will pay him $1,000. Jason and Kelllen have made these types of bargains before several times and they’ve never enforced. Kellen asks the waitress out and asks for the money. Jason declines. If Kellen sues for breach of contract, will he win? Why or why not?




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