Question 1
Which of the following variables contributes the greatest influence on homogamy?
A. Earned income
B. Personal attractiveness
C. Level of education
D. Propinquity

Question 2
What was the basis of antimiscegenation laws?
A. The marrying of close relatives
B. Marriage between people of the same sex
C. Interracial marriage
D. Marriage between American citizens and immigrants

Question 3
Marianne and her children live in a neighborhood where all the families share their resources when someone needs help. The neighbors also consider themselves to be an extended family. Sociologists use the term __________ to describe these survival mechanisms.
A. communal living
B. neo-nuclear kin
C. fictive kin
D. illusory kin


Question 4
__________ elders play a much more active role in their children's families in comparison to other U.S. families.
A. Asian American
B. African American
C. Latino
D. Native American

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