Case 1. Myelin visited my office yesterday complaining of numbness in his right leg and face. He has also been experiencing muscle weakness and mild depression. I noticed a delay in his visual response in both eyes. I have referred Myelin to your facility because of possible multiple sclerosis, and I am requesting an MRI of the brain and spine. Please fax the results to me as soon as possible.

What could have caused Myelin’s disease?

What structure(s) and function(s) of the nervous system are affected by multiple sclerosis?

What can be done to treat this disease?

Case 2.  I’m sending Jimmy over for a stat spinal tap to evaluate suspected meningitis. He has had a fever for a couple of days, which increased to 102 degrees today. Since yesterday, he’s been complaining of a headache and stiff neck. His mother said last week he had gone swimming in the pond by their barn and started feeling ill a few days later. Fax results ASAP.
What could have caused Jimmy’s disease?

 What structures and functions of the nervous system are affected by meningitis?

What can be done to treat this disease?



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