During the constitutional convention, the connecticut compromise called for:

a. a single-house legislature in which each state would be represented equally.

b. the laws of the national government to be treated as superior to state laws.

c. a two-house legislature with representation in one of the house based on state populations.

 d. three-fifths of the slave population to be counted for determining direct taxation.


2. decisions regarding whether the u.s. should maintain membership in international organizations such as the united nations is an exercise af a/an ........................ power of the u.s. federal government.

a. dormant.

b. inherent.

 c. express.

 d. implied.


3. which one of the following activities would most likely enhance the cohesiveness of a public interest group?

a. increasing the number of members who join via the internet. B

. creating new paid positions on the organization's national governance board

. c. increasing the number of members who regularly attend regional meetings.

 d. allowing each state chapter of the organization to adopt its own mission statement and action goals.


4. projections that the social security trust fund will soon be depleted enhances ................ with respect to how older americans view health care issues.

a. latency.

b. salience.

c. intensity.

d. pragmatism.


 5. which one of the following statements is true with respect to the terms that the president and members of congress serve and the timing of their terms.

a. the u.s. constitution, as originally ratified, limits presidents to serving two terms.

 b. elections for house members are staggered so that only one-third of them are up for election at a time.

c.there is no limit on the number of terms a u.s. senator can serve.

d. the constitution has set the term of office for the u.s. house of representatives at six years



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