1. Insomnia affects approximately _______ percent of people and nearly _______ million people suffer from sleep apnea.
A. 20; 30
B. 30; 20
C. 30; 10
D. 10; 20
2. Smoking even though you know there is a great chance of getting cancer is a good example of
A. cognitive dissonance.
B. schema.
C. social cognition.
D. attribution theory.
3. The following are all correct types of memory except
A. memosodic.
B. episodic.
C. procedural.
D. semantic
4. All of the following are examples of types of influences we encounter except
A. conformity.
B. compliance.
C. schema.
D. obedience.
5. The startle reflex occurs when
A. a baby cries when he/she hears a stranger's voice.
B. a baby's toes fan out when his/her foot is stroked.
C. a baby's cheek is rubbed and he/she seeks to nurse.
D. a baby flings out his/her arms and legs at a sudden noise.
6. Pavlov's classical conditioning experiment involved conditioned response, unconditioned response,
_______, and _______.
A. neutral stimulus; extinction
B. neutral response; extinction
C. neutral stimulus; distinction
D. neutral response; distinction
7. There are different types of perspectives on psychological disorders. Which perspective is defined correctly?
A. Behavioral, which assumes that there is a physiological cause to psychological disorders
B. Psychoanalytical, which assumes that behaviors are shaped by family, society, and culture
C. Sociological, which assumes abnormal behaviors are learned
D. Cognitive, which assumes people's thoughts and beliefs are central to psychological disorders
8. The James–Lange theory says that emotional experience is a reaction to
A. a combination of bodily events occurring as a result of external situation and physiological arousal and emotional experience.
B. a combination of nonspecific kinds of physiological arousal and its interpretations.
C. both physiological arousal and emotional experience as well as nerve stimuli.
D. bodily events occurring as a result of an external situation.

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