answer the 5 sections with a good paragraph answer all question for each section



Answer each section with one paragraph


Section 1


Please respond to both of the following:

1.    Why does the insurer often need the permission of the insured to settle claims out of court for professional liability insurance claims? Provide an example.

2.     Do you think professional liability policies should restrict their coverage to events that are "caused by accident"?


Section 2


Use the internet to conduct some basic research on commercial umbrella policies. The respond to the following:

What kinds of a circumstances and exposures do commercial umbrella policies cover?


Section 3

Review the information on ESOPs at the National Center for Employee Ownership: Also review the section in the textbook on ESOPs. 

How can this type of program give an organization an advantage when hiring employees? Can it also improve morale with current employees?

Section 4

The global environment is affecting every business. Describe how having a multicultural workforce can impact a company in your industry. Why do you feel it is important to accommodate a multicultural workforce? How does diversity affect your everyday life?


Section 5

Do some research on Milton Friedman and Monetarism. Where do Monetarists and the Federal Reserve agree, and where do they disagree? Do you agree with the arguments the monetarists make about the Federal Reserve? Why or why don't you agree?

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