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    case assignment

    • Chapter 10 - “Analyzing Managerial Decisions:”
    • Chapter 11 - “Analyzing Managerial Decisions: Tipping in Restaurants”

    Answer these two case assignment using he text and additional …

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    Read 101

    read before you repond see chap 11

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    its attached

    Please read before asking to do work

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    please see

    read please chap 13

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    check out below book chap 16

    350 words or more

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    More than one page, no more than two pages. 12 font arial. single spaced.

    Page 279. Leaving New york city for the farmlands.

  • 12 font arial. single spaced. APA format

  • read the instuction before you ask to do the work see chap12

  • Each case study should be two pages long single space. Arial 12 pt.

    • Chapter 6 - “Analyzing Managerial Decisions: United Airlines”
    • Chapter 7 - “Analyzing Managerial Decisions: …

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    see below

    respond to both 259 words or more APA and REF