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Submitted by ramrog on Sat, 2012-05-26 15:19
due on Wed, 2012-05-30 15:15
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another Finance 419 question.

please follow direstions listed inside attachments

Submitted by shahimermaid on Sun, 2012-05-27 00:56
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the answer is explained in the simplest way

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xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx please xxxxxxx to the following questions:

Why xx xxx capital-budgeting process so important?

x firm has xxxx options to invest in. xxxx xxxxxxxx seem xxxx xxx xxxx setup xxxx xx xxx turn xx profitable. xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx profitability xx xxx projects using xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx projects xxxx xxx xxxx profitable xxx preferred on the less profitable xxxxx The capital budgeting techniques xxxx in selection of xxx xxxxxxxxx The projects xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxx which xx uncertain. The techniques xxxx xx take xxxx xxxxx of xxxxx into xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx then give judgment.

Why xx it xxxxxxxxx xx find xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxx xxxx instances xxxx a company finds xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx but xx xxxx it xxxxxxx competitors in the xxxxxx can xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxx come into operations. The profit of the xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx the different xxxxxxxx

When xx industry is xxx xxxxxx profit, the weak

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Submitted by Smalhotra on Mon, 2012-05-28 03:08
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Solution in Excel attachment

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Capital Budgeting is very important process xxx any xxxxxxxxx because xx xx involves xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx by xxx xxxxx xx xxxx these decision xxxxx cannot be xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx by the management xxxxx results in capital loss, xx these decisions have xxxx xxxx implications on xxx firm, xxx xx it xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx the firm.

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Project A
YearAmount Discount xxxxxx @12% xx Cummulative AmountCummulative xx
120000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 178562000017856
2 xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 50000xxxxx
3xxxxx0.71179999999999999 28472 90000 xxxxx
x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx102019
x70000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx210000xxxxxx
xxxxxxx Period3Years (20000/50000)*12 xxxxxx
Discounted Payback Period 4Years xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx 2.4112996626214813 Months
Profitability Index =PV of xxxxxx cash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
xxxxxxxxxx Discount xxxxxx @12% PV xxxxxxxxxxx Amount xxxxxxxxxxx xx
0xxxxxxx 1 xxxxxxx
1xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3571240000 xxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 80000 xxxxx
3xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12000096072
4 40000 0.63549999999999995 25419.999999999996 160000xxxxxx
5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx22696200000144188
Payback Period 2Years (30000/40000)*12xxxxxx
2Years x Months
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3Years xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xx of Future cash inflows/Investment
xxx 1
Capital xxxxxxxxx is very xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx for xxx Bussiness xxxxxxx a) xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xx any xxxxx b) xxxx these xxxxxxxx taken xxxxxx be xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx by xxx xxxxxxxxxx which results xx xxxxxxx xxxxx c) xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx on the firm, xxx d) it involves uncertainty xxx xxxx for the xxxxx
xxx 2
It xx always hard xx xxxx extremely xxxxxxxxxx projects because xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx environment, if aproject is xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx rises because xx profitability xxxxx will bring down xxx profitability xxxxxx for xxx firms xx xxxxxxxx to xxxx required rate xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx a company sets entry

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