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Choose one of the assigned poems from the section of the course on poetry and write a critical response to it. First, paraphrasethe poem, explaining what it is about in your own words. Then analyze the poem—how would you describe the tone of the poem? What is its meaning?


Follow these guidelines in writing your essay:



·       Include a properly formatted title of your own creation that relates in some way to the content of your paper.


·       Start with an Introduction that 1) includes the title and author of the poem you are writing about, 2) gives a brief summary of what the poem is about, and 3) states your main idea or thesis about the poem’s meaning and significance.


·       Use the Body of your essay to focus on the most important aspects of the poem as they relate to your thesis. Paraphrasethe poem, going line by line if necessary to show your understanding of the poet’s use of words, imagery, and figurative language. Analyze the poem – what tone or feeling does it suggest? What is your interpretation of the poem’s meaning? Also, be sure to include at least three direct quotations (MLA style) from lines of the poem as support of what you write.


·       Write a Conclusion that gives your final reflections on the poem, its meaning, and how this meaning might be applied beyond the poem.


·       Include a properly formatted Work Cited entry for the poem at the end of your paper.


Essay must be typed and double-spaced.

The poem is "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" by William Shakespeare. 

3 pages. 

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