annotated UML class diagram design with two descriptive paragraphs


For this week's assignment, you will need to design a class of your own to represent one of the options below:

    • Houses for a real estate broker
    • Sales for a real estate broker
    • Cars for a car dealership
    • Sales for a car dealership
    • The sales staff for a car dealership
    • Players in a monopoly game
    • Property in a monopoly game
    • Patients in a hospital
    • Doctors in a hospital
    • Procedures in a hospital


For this exercise, you will need to:

1) Create an annotated UML class diagram

2) Write two descriptive paragraphs on

(a) the data, and;
(b) the methods that will be included in your class.  

To create this in Microsoft Word, you can insert a table with two columns and three rows in a Microsoft Word document, then merge the two columns in the top row (to display the name of your class). 

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