Annotated Bibliography Assignment


Topic: Vietnam War

Part 2:  3 new annotations


You are required to have three different scholarly resources that are different from Part 1 Annotated Bibliography.

If you use several articles from one resource it is counted as only one resource.


A scholarly resource is written by an academic scholar, holding a Ph.D. or other terminal degree, is published in a multi-volume, peer-reviewed journal, and has ample references of its own. 


·      Identify at least one important quotation


Your annotations should succeed in the following:

1.     your introduction (to the best extent you know it at that point in time)

2.     capture publication details (title, author, journal, and page numbers)

3.     briefly summarize the text

4.     locate key terms

5.     find controversies to analyze and evaluate, and

6.     assist in the creation of new knowledge





Annotated Bibliography

Part 2


125 pts





Maximum points to earn

per category


Topic Named









Topic named


Introduction and thesis

(to the best extent you know it

at that point in time)





3 different

scholarly resources



Brief Summary




Analyze & Evaluate


Scholarly and academic quality references


NO Wikipedia  or Textbook


Brief Summary

of article, chapter or book and it relevance to topic

Evaluation key terms, controversies, and relevance to your overall thesis and

 purpose is strongly evaluated



Analyze & Evaluate Implications, assumptions,

historical context

key terms and controversies identified






at least one important quotation


The student has captured

 at least one additional important quotation

from at least one resource not previously indicated


from the article[s])to use later as evidence in drafting the paper.  In brief, the student explains the significance of the selected quotation.





Grammar & Mechanics


Proper use of APA format for each resource



Overall word count

per listing

200-250 words



Academic Integrity


Originality no more than 30% content is quoted or cited references




Annotations are written with a view to correctness in terms of Standard American English.  Grammar refers to correct use of the parts of speech (e.g., subject/verb agreement, pronoun reference, and the like); mechanics refers to correct idiomatic use of language (e.g., capitalization, spelling, word choice and order).


Content is properly and cohesively written.

Meets all standards of grammar, spelling and punctuation


Thorough and correct use of APA format for all references listed


Proper use of in-text citations


Meets word count

 200 – 250 words per resource


Academic Integrity

Original work

Sources do not exceed 30% of the content

and are cited correctly




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