Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography


The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to develop substantive, scholarly bibliographic material about the relationship between organizational culture, behavior, and performance and to assess your ability to discuss the key foundational theories and underpinnings of organizational culture.

Research & Create

Select one of the theories that informs organizational culture and behavior that you believe also informs you about healthcare quality of care.

Conduct research on organizational culture and behavior as it relates to healthcare quality of care. Locate 7 or more scholarly resources and create an annotated bibliography of those resources.

Create an annotated bibliography of your selected resources. This research guide will provide you with guidance as you complete your annotated bibliography. Your annotation is to include:

  • Bibliographic citation: Adhere to APA guidelines.
  • Summary: Summarize the information given in the source. Identify the intended audience of the article. Provide a brief synopsis of the main arguments or points addressed.
  • Reflect, React & Integrate: Ask yourself the following questions:
    • How does this resource fit into the healthcare quality of care as it relates to organizational culture and the theories addressed in this course?
    • Do these theories apply to your organization?
    • Could you use one of these theories to analyze and improve your organizational culture, its leadership, and performance?
    • Would it improve the culture and related leadership and performance of your organization? How?
    • State your reaction and any additional questions you have about the information in your source.
    • How does the information in this source help you shape your argument?
    • Is this a resource you might use for your dissertation literature review? Why or why not?
    • Add your reflections and reactions to each entry in your annotated bibliography.


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