Analyzing the impact of occupation on the gender wage gap in the U.S.


 Collect the U.S. data 

 The data you need can be found at: (I already found them)

 For the OCCUPATION BY SEX AND MEDIAN EARNINGS data, use American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, 2005 to 2014.

Describe the trend of full-time, year-round civilian employee, 16 yrs and above by sex, 2005-2014, at the county, the state, and the U.S. levels

Describe the occupational employment change by sex, 2005 and 2014 at the county, the state, and the U.S. levels

 Describe the earning differences between genders in the Management, Business, science, and arts occupations category, 2005-2014, at the U. S. level

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