Analyzing Argument (ENG 112)


Read the Disparities of Demystified (attached) and answer the following questions:


1. What is Noguera and Akom's main claim?


2. How do Noguera and Akom adress other perspectives and claims on this topic? Choose two passages in which they directly take on other views and describe their strategy. In the face of opposition, are they counter arguing, conceding, or qualifying their own claims?


3. how does Noguera and Akom's assertion relate to mainstream views on this topic? how do they address any differences or gaps between their assertions and mainstream views?


4. What is the most persuasive support strategy in the argument? Why? (Consider different appeals, different forms of evidence and examples)



5. Examine paragraphs three through six. What is the line of reasoning in those paragraphs? Try to summarize each paragraph in a single sentence and then detect how the logic builds from paragraph.

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