Analyze the paasage: Buchner, Woyzeck: "Scene XIX"


Short Essay: Close-reading of a passage


Buchner, Woyzeck: "Scene XIX"


Lenght: at least 2-3 full pages, double- spaced, 1" margins.


Analyze the paasage with closw attention to its specific elements (such as word choice, figurative language/symbolism, structure, rhyme scheme, references to other works, etc.). Discuss how the details you have chosen to focus on work together to generate meaning, and how, in turn, this develops or contributes to a larger issue or theme in the text as a whole.

Your paper should not simply summarize or restate the surface meaning of the passage you've chosen. Instead, look for deeper patterns, connections, and ideas. Reflect and use your imagination! In the uploads attachments  below are specific instruction on how this short essay should be and the Buchner, Woyzeck: "Scene XIX" text reading for you to read and use to write the essay. No outside source or online copying of work, this is strictly from the reading text I have attached below. Please follow all the intructions given below to do this work.  Quote from the passage reading and give original insightful analysis.  I really want an A paper.

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