Analysis of Web Security Strategies and Threats



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Web security is under constant scrutiny and change as mobile applications and businesses increase opportunities that allow employee’s to work remote and enhance their flexibility.  You will conduct research into Web Security threats and the security mechanisms (hardware and software) that can enhance and influence Web Security. 

Paper must address the following:

1.    Why web applications are at risk for attack. Provide specific examples that illustrate the application targets as well as their potential threats.

2.    Tools and techniques used to impact web applications.  What are some of the motivations behind these attacks.

3.    Potential drivers that effect the architectural design of network security when implementing network security for web applications –  example: Protecting the client, protecting the connection, protecting the server, protecting the server, protecting the services behind the Web Server such as Java/CORBRA, and HTML all require different resources that effect decisions.  Provide insight and evidence from 3 perspectives:

·         The average consumer risk as a client

·         Business aspect – specifically for online retail

·         Web servers and associated applications such as JAVA/CORBRA and HTML

Develop a strategy no more than 5-6 pages in length).  The strategy should outline the various security threats that are specific to Web Security and explain how each effect the consumer, the business, and the potential applications in use.

Criteria –  Demonstrate an understanding of the tools and resources that protect web applications and the strategies that can be used specific to Web Security.

Demonstrate a grasp of the Web Security threats and understanding of the key concepts - utilize diagrams and graphics as needed.

Conclusions and Recommendations – Close with strong conclusions that support your research

Suggested Resources –

Ramachandran. Designing Security Architecture Solutions. John Wiley & Sons P&T. VitalBook file.

Thomas, Tom, Donald Stoddard. Network Security First-Step, 2nd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 12/2011.

Pfleeger, Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari L. Security in Computing, 4th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions.

Oppenheimer, Priscilla. Top-Down Network Design, 3rd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.




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